Webinar Recording - Schools: Get ready for 2020!

2 December 2019

It’s not even the end of the year, and already 2020 is looming as a big year for schools, not least because of the imminent introduction of the Child Information Sharing Scheme.
We’ve chosen 4 of the hottest topics of 2020 for a robust and engaging discussion, being regulator focus and priorities, the Child Information Sharing Scheme, last chance Whistleblower compliance and gender neutral uniforms.
In this informative webinar recording, Practice Leaders Cecelia Irvine-So, Skye Rose and Tessa Van Duyn will discuss these key legal and compliance issues for schools in 2020, and support schools in prioritising matters for compliance attention.

What will be covered?

  • Regulator compliance focus and priorities;
  • Child information sharing scheme due to start in Sept 2020;
  • Drop dead date of 1 January 2020 for whistleblower compliance;
  • Gender neutral uniform trend – rights and responsibilities.

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Presented by:

  • Skye Rose, Practice Leader
  • Cecelia Irvine-So, Practice Leader
  • Tessa van Duyn, Practice Leader