The types of disputes we specialise in are:

  • property, development and construction;
  • general commercial, including IT and complex contracts; and
  • employment relations and discrimination disputes and investigations.

We can help you with

Early and tailored advice

We start by providing clients with early and tailored advice that considers all commercial options, not just the law, and then work closely with them to implement an agreed strategy.

Project counsel and training

On complex matters, we can act as project counsel, providing training and overseeing projects to ensure that disputes are avoided. By being able to communicate with our clients openly – without adding to the fixed cost they incur – we can prevent potential disputes and ensure work is carried out efficiently. 

A variety of dispute resolution methods

Where disputes do arise, Moores’ disputes team works closely with our clients to resolve the situation through various methods of dispute resolution including in:

  • ADR such as mediation, conciliation, arbitration, expert determination and so on.
  • Federal Circuit Court;
  • Victorian Magistrates’, County and Supreme Courts;
  • Fair Work and Human Rights Commissions
  • VCAT; and
  • security of payment adjudication.

What you can expect

Outcome oriented

Too often, disputes are costly, drawn out and conclude without any real winners. Parties can get so caught up in the emotion and process that they forget what they were fighting about, and why. We stay focused on your objectives (because sometimes you might lose sight of them) and finding creative ways to achieve them.   

A responsive and commercial team

Clients appreciate our responsiveness and having access to our team when they need it – from junior lawyers to practice leaders. We use language you can understand and will feel like part of your team.   

We share your risks 

Disputes are unpredictable – and that brings risk.

We take time to understand your situation and the objective/s you are trying to achieve. Then we provide you with a tailored proposal that gives you the option of how to proceed.  You will know the costs before we start work, and those costs are fixed. This:

  • means we share the risks with you – and will not benefit from drawing disputes out unnecessarily;
  • allows you to make an informed decision on how you want to proceed; and
  • promotes open communication – because you won’t be charged for every call or question.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer fixed fees for litigation?

Yes. Moores only acts on the basis of agreed scope and fixed fee for all matters. Some say it’s impossible to provide fixed pricing for litigation, because of the unpredictability of how the matters may unfold.

What they mean is that they are not willing to share in the risks that the unpredictability brings with it. We are.

Do you act on ‘mum and dad’ building disputes?

Generally, no – because it’s difficult for us to add value where there is a relatively small amount in dispute.

However, we have significant experience on large and complicated domestic building disputes. We are always happy to discuss your matter to see if we can add value.

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