Complimentary Privacy Policy Template

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated an unprecedented number of privacy, data and security challenges.

Organisations need to ensure their systems and processes are not only secure, but also future proof. Moores is committed to helping our clients respond to the critical and immense changes in the current pandemic.

As part of this commitment, Moores has developed a complimentary privacy policy template in partnership with Our Community.

Moores’ Practice Leader and privacy expert, Cecelia Irvine-So states that “we have seen an increase in ransomware attacks and privacy breaches during this pandemic and want to ensure our clients are well placed to keep information safe and respond in the event of any suspected breaches”.

We recommend that clients:

  • check their insurance policies;
  • check their privacy policy against the latest best practice pro forma; and
  • ensure you have a compliant data breach response plan in place.

Click here to download your privacy policy template, noting you will need to tailor it to suit your organisation’s actual handling of personal information.

For further guidance, legal advice or privacy training, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our Privacy page for more information.