Andrew Sudholz is Special Counsel of our Property & Construction Team at Moores

Andrew manages property and commercial transactions for organisational and private clients.

A particular focus for Andrew is the Aged Care & Community Living sector where he regularly works with corporate and community clients in major asset acquisition and divestment projects. Andrew also works closely with education institutions, church denominations and a broad range of community groups. This experience includes managing projects where complex planning, contractual, leasing and financing considerations are addressed.

Andrew has a strong understanding of the governance and workings of community organisations. Andrew is also committed to working closely with private clients who require assistance in a wide variety of legal matters and circumstances.

Andrew brings a strong relational and pragmatic approach to all that he does. Having been a lawyer at Moores for over 30 years (20 years of which have been as a Practice Leader), Andrew's role as Special Counsel now enables him to primarily focus on using his extensive experience and specialist knowledge in property law for the benefit of clients and the Moores property team.

Andrew brings a human element to property and commercial matters, Andrew's view is that behind every transaction are people.

Why Moores?

"Moores has always been a place that demonstrates qualities that align with me: expertise, integrity, equality, fairness, creativity and community."


Andrew’s Year 9 school report reflected that “Andrew is a capable student and meets set tasks. While showing leadership qualities he can be a distraction in class with his impromptu antics, caricatures and stories…” Andrew’s most recent performance review reached the same conclusion.


  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Monash University- 1990
  • Bachelor of Economics (BEc) Monash University – 1987
  • Grad Dip Theology – University of Divinity – 2010
  • Accredited Specialist in Property Law – 1999 to present
  • Recommended Health & Aged Care lawyer – Doyles
  • Member Law Institute of Victoria