Elisha Raucci is a Senior Lawyer in the Estate Planning team at Moores

Elisha's expertise in estate planning and structuring enables her to assist clients on a range of matters, including:

  • the preparation of complex wills (including testamentary trusts);
  • powers of attorney;
  • trust succession;
  • self-managed superfund and superannuation death benefits;
  • asset protection strategies;
  • challenge risk and advice; and
  • relevant taxation and duty issues that relate to those areas.

Elisha understands the importance of estate planning for each client and ensuring that assets pass as intended and the right people are in control in order to achieve the client’s overall objectives, as well as meeting any ongoing asset protection needs. In all her work, Elisha aims to provide her clients with clear advice, strategies and resolutions to meet their individual needs.

Why Moores?

"I chose to work at Moores because they are “here for good” and this is reflected in the clients they choose to work with, the exceptional standard that everyone holds themselves to, and the reputation and expertise the team have."


I am always on the hunt for a new dining experience and enjoy spending time with friends, family and my dog (maybe my dog should be first in the list!)


  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from Leo Cussen Centre for Law
  • Bachelor of Laws from La Trobe University
  • Bachelor of Legal Studies from La Trobe University