Webinar Recording – Future Proofing your School in a time of Coronavirus

Teachers and students responded swiftly to remote learning when the COVID-19 crisis forced the closure of schools. But research indicates that the pivot to online learning has had a significant toll on mental health of staff and students, with many vulnerable students falling further behind.

Amidst these challenges, many schools have faced a concerning reduction in enrolments, and pressure to reduce fees or offer payment plans. 

As schools reopen and students return to the classroom, many schools are grappling with the best way to future proof their school. Drawing from the latest findings from industry experts, we provide schools with a roadmap to future proof their school, including:

  • Improving the health of your enrolments for 2021
  • Tips and strategies to support the mental health of staff and students
  • Addressing the equity gap in learning (including strategies to prevent discrimination)

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