Webinar Recording – Return to Campus

Your key legal questions and issues answered…

The thought of returning to campus can be a daunting and challenging process for Schools. In this webinar recording, we address the following key issues and concerns;

This webinar recording covers:

  1. So far, so good? Preliminary impressions after first tranche for many schools.
  2. Social Distancing and Cleaning – how does it work for:
    • Staff areas;
    • Student areas;
    • Students who are mature physically/”adult” in body – e.g. years 9-12 may be fully mature physically.
  3. Returning earlier/later/differently than state schools – is this permitted and feasible?  What do we need to do?
  4. Staff at Risk – how to pay and manage employment if they are over 65, health issues. Any issues with discrimination?
  5. Student and Staff Refusal – how much must we comply with requests to continue to work at home? Can kids stay on remote learning and would we breach regulations?
  6. Pandemic Policies – how do we manage keeping people at home if unwell?
  7. Religious Services and Observances – does the 10 person plus Celebrant rule apply? Or the metre squared rule? Or neither, because kids do not need to socially distance.
  8. Sports – does the training rule of 10 people plus coach apply? Or the metre squared rule? Or neither, because kids do not need to socially distance? Can kids and/or staff use the gym/pool? 
  9. Drive Through Drop Off – risks and what about ELC?
  10. Temperature Testing – training, safety and consent issues.
  11. Confirmed Cases in the School Community.

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