• What you can expect from Moores

    Think of us as a member of your team; the one you look to for clarity, certainty and of course legal advice with exceptional service. Plus, with Moores Agreed Pricing (MAP), fee surprises are history.

  • Pre-agreed pricing

    With Moores Agreed Pricing (MAP), we’ll both sit down and agree on a fee before we start. No estimates. No ranges. No vague hourly rates. After all, aren’t surprises best left for Christmas and birthdays?

  • Value

    After working with us, we want you to feel certain you received good value in service, expertise and advice.

  • Strengths, not weaknesses

    Our strengths lie in giving advice to operators in the commercial, construction and not-for-profit sectors and in skilfully managing your wealth.

  • The best people

    Our people are the best at what they do so you can expect the best available advice. They’re experts in their fields and committed to the transparent, effective advice our clients have come to expect.

  • Helping good grow

    ‘Helping good grow’ pays tribute to some of the inspirational clients with whom Moores worked in 2019, the exceptional legal team that supported them, the positive impact created and its contribution to our legacy as Australia’s leading purpose aligned law firm.

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