We work with you, your advisors and financiers to make sure your property dealings are completed on time and in accordance with transaction requirements.

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Property Transactions

As an experienced member of the Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) network, together with the use of secure technology, we enable your property transactions to be completed electronically and efficiently. Moores’ property team has the experience and capability to review, document and register your property dealings. We can help you:

  • Buy and sell residential and commercial real estate
  • Negotiate, review and sign finance and mortgage documentation
  • Subdivide and consolidate titles
  • Structure and document SMSF property transactions
  • Enter planning agreements with local councils
  • Prepare loan agreements or document arrangements between property owners
  • Manage deceased estate property holdings

GST and Property Taxes

Every property transaction must now pass through a complex web of GST and state taxation considerations. We guide you through the taxation complexities in ways that are pragmatic and accessible so you can make informed decisions about financial obligations that impact the stewardship of your assets. We can help you:

  • Understand the application of GST to property transactions
  • Structure asset holdings to minimise land tax and implications of CGT
  • Access available stamp duty exemptions when transferring assets in trust structures
  • Object to land tax assessments and respond to audit investigations


Your property portfolio may include commercial real estate or your business may occupy premises as a commercial tenant. Dealing with tenants or a landlord can have its challenges. We can assist you in all aspects of managing your commercial investment. We can also work with you to secure your occupation arrangements so that your business operations are not compromised. We can help you:

  • Negotiate and prepare lease documentation
  • Manage rent reviews
  • Ensure compliance with Retail Leasing legislation
  • Manage enforcement and dispute proceedings

Aged Care and Retirement Village Advice

As your accommodation and care needs change, we are here to support you during this time of transition. We can guide you through complex documents so you can be confident that any change to your accommodation arrangements aren’t overshadowed by complex and unfamiliar documents. We can help you:

  • Understand the ownership structure and financial obligations of retirement village living
  • Negotiate your financial exit from a retirement village or aged care facility
  • Review and if required negotiate the terms of respite or residential aged care accommodation

Click here for more information on our retirement living expertise.

What you can expect

An outcome focused approach

Property transactions are no longer ‘just a conveyance’ or a matter of lodging and signing paperwork. Transacting electronically brings efficiencies but also increased compliance requirements. Our experience enables us to effectively work through these requirements with you in a manner that does not lose sight of your objectives and the importance of managing your asset holdings.

A team of specialist lawyers

We have a dedicated team of experienced staff under the leadership of specialist lawyers. We are accessible and committed to a personal approach. We are firmly of the view that behind every property transaction are people. We like the human element of our work.

We invest in technology and continuous learning. The very nature of the work we do brings competence and confidence especially in the most technical areas.

No surprises pricing

Our commitment is to agree a price and a scope with you. Our price does not change based on the time we spend working on your matter. It is important to us that you feel able to meet with us, call us and ask questions without worrying about being charged for every phone call, email or meeting.

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