It’s a great honor for a charity to receive a bequest from a person’s will, and it’s often the result of a long association and support provided to that person throughout their lifetime. 

Sometimes disputes arise in the estate and charities are often kept in the dark by family members, or expected to hand over what they stand to receive. 

Moores is uniquely placed to enable our for-purpose clients to maximise their bequest, and we do so in a respectful and sensitive manner. 

Our experience includes:

  • Acting for charities to defend and resolving Part IV claims prior to legal proceedings, at Court ordered mediations and at trial
  • Defence of an application for probate of an ‘informal will’ at trial (Re Langley [2018] VSC 623)  
  • Accepting appointment as Administrator of an estate on behalf of a charity, where multiple charities were the sole beneficiaries. 
  • Appointing a member of the charity as the representative on behalf of the estate, where the charity was the sole beneficiary.

What you can expect

An approach tailored to your ethos and values

Our client’s desired approach and objectives are always identified up-front.  This ensures that our representation and approach is tailored to our client’s ethos and values, with a litigious approach adopted as last resort.

Our expertise allows us to identify the right strategy and approach from the outset, to ensure the right path is taken. 

Unique expertise in both Wills & Estates and Not-for-profit law

With extensive experience in both Wills & Estates and Not-for-Profit law, Moores has developed a unique expertise in assisting our for-purpose clients with Gifts in Wills

We balance the desire to respectfully resolve meritorious claims early (to reduce costs and delay otherwise involved) with our readiness to defend our client’s entitlement and uphold the deceased’s wishes, where claims lack merit. 

We also encourage and facilitate collaboration between charities towards joint representation, but will advise where this is not desirable due to conflicts. 

We empower you

We seek to empower our clients to feel confident to take independent and initial steps in estate matters, without requiring the assistance of lawyers.

Our specialisation means we are often asked to present at various forums and conduct in-house training workshops.

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