We understand the aged care and retirement living sector and have a long history helping operators in this space with their property, construction and development needs. Our clients include major for-purpose and for-profit providers of aged care and retirement living.

Sector Experience

Multi facility acquisition

Our client acquired four freehold and two leasehold operating aged care facilities from a major charity.

We worked closely with the client and its advisers (including its financiers) to negotiate commercial terms, attend to the transactional elements and resolve a number of commercial disputes that arose due to the multiple transaction components and the challenging approach of some people in the transaction.

Our client successfully completed the acquisition on time and with its reputation intact

Japara capital works program

Japara is one of the aged care and retirement living providers we prepare all building contracts and associated consultancy agreements for.

Given the size of Japara’s capital works program, we are on a monthly fixed price retainer to do all of its construction work. This retainer covers minor refurbishment projects up to significant new builds. Japara can focus on project delivery, and we can focus on giving Japara the support it needs, without either of us wasting time scoping and pricing individual matters and haggling about legal fees.

Turn-key aged care development

We assisted a client negotiate a development agreement for the site acquisition, design, construction, commissioning and handover of an aged care facility.

This turn-key approach helped our client acquire a new fit for purpose facility with no development risks and no upfront development costs.

Acquisition of Brownfield Site

We helped our client acquire a facility, which was in need of major structural and operational upgrade, from a well-known aged care provider. Due to the location and history of the facility there was much community sensitivity around the proposed redevelopment.

We assisted in the negotiation of commercial terms, including getting a licence agreement early to enable our client to progress planning and design for the redevelopment of the facility during the transaction period.

Substantial refurbishment was completed immediately following settlement to enable facility to reopen within a tight schedule. The repurposed facility is now a flagship offering for our client.

Independent representative

Where there is a change in ownership of an aged care facility or retirement village we are often appointed as an independent representative for residents.

This role often includes providing advice and guidance to residents and extended family members at resident meetings, negotiating transaction documents required to be signed by residents and providing a telephone advice line during the transaction period.

Retirement Living Advice for Individuals

In addition to helping aged care and retirement living providers, our team can help individuals who are looking to transition to retirement living. We can guide you through the process so you can be confident that any change to your accommodation arrangements is not overshadowed by complex and unfamiliar documents.

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