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Acting as an executor of an estate can be a rewarding task but it can also be a complex, stressful and an expensive one if not handled appropriately.

Due to an increase in wealth, the number of ways people ‘own’ their assets, and the rise of blended families, people’s affairs are becoming more complex. But even without complexity, being an executor of a person’s estate can be challenging, particularly given the risk of personal liability. Our guide to administering deceased estates provides some preliminary information about what’s involved. Additional information regarding key timeframes when administering a deceased estate is also available here.

It’s crucial that you receive early and specialised advice.

We can help you

Transition wealth to the next generation

We help executors of an estate to transition wealth to the next generation, regardless of the complexity and value involved.  We ensure that the task is undertaken in a respectful and effective manner, whilst ensuring that you’re protected from liability throughout the process. 

Make application for probate

We have vast experience in applications for probate (proving the validity of a will) and letters of administration (where somebody dies without a valid will) and acting in the administration of those estates; from ‘calling in’ the assets to distributing the estate to the beneficiaries.

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Manage complicated matters

What really sets us apart is our experience and knowledge in more complicated matters, including:

  • Administering estates with related trusts and self-managed super funds;
  • Obtaining probate of wills that are less formal than they should be;
  • Administering an estate differently to what the will provides, where everybody agrees;
  • Making urgent applications for probate, including ‘limited’ grants;
  • Seeking the approval or advice of the Court relating to the interpretation of a will or the distribution of an estate; and
  • Appointing a representative (i.e. a ‘syndic’) of a charity to Administer an estate.
  • Wills in dispute – read more

What you can expect

With the largest and most accredited wills and estates team in Victoria, we have the experience and know-how to ensure that you’re in safe hands from the outset.

Awards and Accreditations

Probate: Online Assistant

Moores’ online Probate assistant will help you to navigate the process ahead including key steps and likely timelines, your role and obligations and how we can help.

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Deceased Estates
  • A guide to administering deceased estates

  • Key time frames when administering a deceased estate


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