We work closely with our clients to provide strategic advice and representation on the areas that impact them the most including child safety, workplace relations, property, construction, regulatory compliance, commercial disputes, governance and family law.

We also assist with project management support on Departmental and VRQA audits and investigations, board briefings, staff training and professional development. For more information on our training and PD sessions, click here.

Sector Experience

Education System with multiple schools

The system was grappling with navigating their not for profit compliance across several jurisdictions and meeting the disparate needs of regulators regarding governance, all while making their processes school friendly and focused and of benefit to students.

We advised the client of the different regimes, and, settled on an acceptable common standard for procurement, network fees and arrangements with third parties.  We assisted in communicating the changes to schools in a way which supported their need for clear information which is easy to use and can be deployed in the local school context.

The system was able to continue to support its schools in a way that was compliant and easy to navigate, and this ensured the sound cohesive operation of the system for the benefit of its students.

Non compliant enrolment and student management processes

A large independent school recognised that their enrolment and student management processes were not only non-compliant with regulation but also resulting in poorer fee recovery and an unhappier culture.

We assisted the client in bringing their key enrolment processes and documents into compliance, and making the enrolment process easier, clearer and more consistent.  We assisted with a parent consultation and facilitating a meeting with key stakeholders.

The client was able to report an increased number of enrolment applications, as well as better fee recovery and fewer unhappy student and family departures.  The client saved time in having fewer unnecessary meetings with aggrieved families.

Allegations of child abuse

A large independent school client received allegations that an employee had groomed and abused several students, and that previous complaints had been ignored.

Mindful of the need for a swift and sensitive response, Moores worked closely with the Principal to report the concerns to the regulators, remove the employee’s contact with children, and conduct an investigation into the allegations.  After finding that the employee had engaged in the misconduct, Moores provided the school with behind the scenes support to take disciplinary action against the employee.  Moores also assisted the school to successfully defend worker’s compensation and adverse action claims by the employee.

When the matter concluded, Moores met with the Principal and Board to discuss gaps in the school’s child safety practices, recommendations to improve its child safety strategy, and delivered child safety training to staff.

Despite attracting significant scrutiny from the regulator, the school subsequently received accreditation without limitation.

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