We work with clients in the education sector, organisations, not-for-profits and corporate entities to successfully resolve human rights and discrimination complaints as well as work proactively to achieve best practice compliance with anti-discrimination and human rights laws and regulations.

We can help you

We support organisations on human rights issues through:

Capacity Building

We love working with organisations and people from diverse backgrounds and sectors.  We aim to work collaboratively to build good human rights and discrimination practice into their policies, systems and practices. 


We present regularly on human rights and discrimination at conferences, workplaces and seminars and are available to tailor training or presentations to our clients’ needs.

Compliance reviews

We understand the legislative and regulatory schemes and work together with our clients to achieve fair and just outcomes. We love working together with our clients to achieve systemic change and ensure that they go beyond compliance to achieve best practice.

Dispute resolution

Our human rights and discrimination team has expertise in litigating and advocating in a variety of tribunal and court settings, helping to resolve complex human rights, discrimination and administrative law disputes. 

We have resolved countless disputes in the context of sexual harassment, gender discrimination, sex discrimination, race and religious discrimination and more. What our clients appreciate is that we will support them through the successful resolution of a dispute, as well as build preventive measures into their policies and procedures to avoid further issues.

Strategic legal advice

We provide strategic advice on equality and discrimination issues, drawing on our experience working both in the regulatory, government and community legal centre sectors. We understand the broad spectrum of human rights matters and we know how to successfully navigate the complex regulatory schemes, because we’ve sat on both sides of the table.

What you can expect

A human touch

Our clients know that when they work with us, they get the best legal minds as well as dealing with human beings who provide a human touch. 

With over 20 years’ combined experience in the field of human rights in local and international contexts, we know how to resolve human rights issues in a human-centred way. 

We are curious about people and we understand the complexity of human issues. We bring these qualities, together with our technical skills, to our work in resolving your discrimination and human rights issues.

Collaborative approach

Drawing on decades of experience in human rights and discrimination law, we will work collaboratively with you to build good human rights and discrimination compliance frameworks into your policies, systems and practices.

Effecting positive change

We love working together to effect systemic change, the impact of which is felt beyond just the parties to a dispute. We are expert in supporting organisations to proactively build preventive capacity through education and training, policy reforms and compliance reviews and tools.

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