Are you looking to purchase, sell, lease or develop commercial real estate? Moores are here to provide quality advice and assistance tailored to your specific needs and help you get through the transaction process with ease. Let us guide you every step of the way to ensure successful outcomes. Our aim is to be an ally, not just an advisor.

We can help you with

Acquisition, sales and leases

We do more than just ‘conveyancing’. We help clients negotiate and transact on leasehold and freehold sites and facilities, including handling structuring, taxation, GST, duty and (where relevant) duty and taxation exemptions. We work with you to reduce unnecessary risks and expenses, and draw on our particular expertise in the residential and commercial, aged care, education, social housing, church and charity sectors to help you achieve better outcomes.


We advise clients through the life-cycle of their property developments. From helping you decide what to do with your land (sell or develop, if develop, with whom and what) through to documenting and completion – development agreements, development management agreements, agreements for lease, etc.  We are particularly proud of our work on mixed occupancy developments, which have a combination of commercial, freehold, leasehold, SDA, affordable housing and social housing occupancies.

What you can expect

When you just need to know what is going on

Property transactions can get technical and feel like a paper war – but you can still have a human touch. 

You don’t want long letters which copy-paste from legislation.  What you want is someone to understand what you’re trying to achieve.  Our experienced property lawyers handle a broad range of transactions  – not just getting you there, but getting you there in a way that is sensible, safe and where you know exactly what is going on! 

Proactive and invested in the outcome

We’ll never dump you with information and then ask you to “please instruct” – we will proactively look for ways to get you the best outcome and provide options.

Our lawyers are experienced, relational and committed to your goals. We won’t just ask about the transaction, we care about why and help you to implement your transaction safely.

More than just legal advice

We are happy to do more than just give legal advice. We are always willing to offer you a recommendation and show you a way forward.

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