Our team are experienced with working with faith based organisations across the not-for-profit and charity sector – from denominations to congregations, large educational bodies to independent and Catholic schools, overseas development organisations to local soup kitchens.

We appreciate the imperative to integrate faith and values into your strategic and operational decisions. We understand the nuances of operating a faith based organisation in a complex regulatory and social environment while making room for faith, culture, history and community.

Moores is proud to support faith based organisations.

Sector Experience

Internal Dispute

We helped a faith community to navigate a difficult internal dispute. This required an understanding of their faith and culture alongside the legal and constitutional framework. The dispute was resolved, but – perhaps more importantly – in a way that enabled the parties to reconcile and move forward together.

Regulatory Investigation

We assisted a large group of private faith-based schools to respond to a regulatory investigation requiring a significant restructure. The included liaising with multiple stakeholders to ensure that the new structure was consistent with the organisation’s mission and sense of place within the larger denomination.


Governance Review

We carried out a comprehensive governance review of a multi-campus church, identifying areas for improvement for best practice governance and legal compliance. We provided tools and training to help establish a healthy governance culture and framework to enable the organisation to pursue its mission into the future.


Church Redevelopment

Moores was approached by a church congregation and property trustee who had the opportunity to redevelop the church land in conjunction with a retirement village operator.

Moores was able to negotiate a suitable development agreement with the development partner, including suitable allocation of development risk, financial security for the property trustee and involvement of the church in finalising the design process.  The redevelopment is now under construction

Land tax investigation

Routinely, the State Revenue Office undertakes investigations to ensure that exemptions are being properly claimed.  When one of Victoria’s large church property trusts received a formal request for information, it engaged Moores to assist.

Moores was able to agree on a timeframe with the SRO, design a process by which the necessary information could be easily gathered from member churches and then collated and provided to the SRO.  Moores was able to assist in the identification of risk areas and exemptions which were not presently being claimed by the church property trust.

Community housing

One of Australia’s largest church organisations wanted to consider the establishment of a related organisation that would be provide community housing. Due to our experience in community housing, Moores was engaged to assist.

Moores was able to advise the relevant boards in relation to the proposed structuring of the new entity, the regulatory schemes which would apply, the proposed arrangements with related entities and the process for achieving the necessary registrations.

Church and childcare

Moores was recently engaged to assist in the development process of a number of new childcare centres being developed on church property.  Moores was able to provide guidance to the parties (including on issues such as sharing of common spaces, development and financial risk and options for purchase), prepare suitable forms of agreements at each stage of the process and ensure that the arrangements in place were suitable and served the purposes of the parties long into the future.

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