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Here for good. Boldly challenging what it means to practice law.

We work with clients that share our values.  Our clients know they can trust us with complex and personal situations because we see beyond the matter, to the person or vision for good behind it.

As a collective of sought after legal minds, who are recognised as experts in our fields, we use our deep knowledge and practical experience to create a positive impact in our client’s lives and organisations.

Uncommon values

Shared values guide our decision-making. We make sound judgments because they are based always on sound principles. Because we value innovation, we offer agreed pricing. Because we value integrity, we decline the opportunity to represent certain clients. Because we value accountability, we employ industry-best specialists. Because we value social impact, we specialise in specific sectors.

Helping good grow

'Helping good grow' showcases some of the challenges our clients have faced, and the legacy of positive change our work has enabled.

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Moores Agreed Pricing MAP

Where most firms charge by time, we are different. With Moores Agreed Pricing (MAP) you know exactly what you’re getting and what it will cost. No estimates. No ranges. No hourly rates.

Before we talk to you about price, we take the time to understand your needs. Once we understand your situation, we prepare a proposal and provide a fixed fee cost. This gives you price certainty, with no annoying billing surprises.

Service Guarantee

We can’t guarantee outcomes, but like price, the quality of our service is another thing we can guarantee up front.  If you think the quality of our service didn’t match what was agreed, let us know and tell us how you think that should be reflected in the price you pay.


Discover why our clients love Moores Agreed Pricing:

  • We make sure we understand your needs

  • We provide a clear proposal and price

  • If acceptable we ask you to sign an agreement

  • We do what we promised and seek your feedback.

Frequently asked questions

Why MAP?

Because our clients love it.

“It’s refreshing, you’ve agreed to a proposal, there are no surprises. It’s very, very simple”

What if the scope changes?

If the scope of work agreed to changes, we’ll discuss the changes with you and then agree on a new proposal and price.

Can we give you a 100% guaranteed final price?

Most of the time, yes, but no-one has a crystal ball. Things change, goalposts shift. Litigation, for example, can be very unpredictable.

However, what we will do is:

  • Explain all the possible scenarios and their likely cost
  • Agree on a fixed price for each stage
  • Guarantee our service
What does MAP give you?


You know the cost upfront.


Pre-agreed pricing means no more trawling through complex itemised accounts.


You know what we’re going to do, what we’re advising on, our process and timing.

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