Not-for-profit organisations and charities are in many respects more highly regulated than the for-profit sector. Compliance matters, but it isn’t your organisation’s reason for being. Our pragmatic approach equips you with practical tools to ensure that you are compliant so that you can focus on what matters.

We can help you

Our compliance approach includes:

  • Carrying out proactive audits of your policy and procedures across key compliance areas
  • Preparing risk and compliance reports for boards and management
  • Working with you to managing and respond to critical incidents
  • Training your board and executive team to understand what compliance requires in your particular context 
  • Responding to compliance investigations by regulators, government departments and funding bodies
  • Keeping you updated on key regulatory and compliance changes.

What you can expect

We are proactive, not reactive

A stitch in time saves nine – and a proactive compliance approach can save a great deal of Board and executive repair work, potential reputational damage and regulatory sanctions. Our audits, training and updates are designed to help you identify areas for improvement and implement necessary changes ahead of time.

We take a broader view

Compliance is more than following a list of rules and regulations. We help you develop a compliance culture – from the Board through to the executive, staff and volunteers. We understand that the ‘why’ of regulation is just as important as the ‘what’ – to develop a real commitment to compliance the principles underlying regulation need to be articulated and aligned with your organisation’s own values and mission.

We’ve been here before

We’ve seen the worst case scenarios – we know what happens when organisations fail to prioritise compliance. We’ve walked with and advised clients through compliance investigations. We know that a well-managed compliance investigation can leave a client in a better place – stronger, smarter and with a renewed appreciation of what is essential to the mission. We can help you get there.