Whether it be a Board, a Committee or Trustees, the responsible persons for your organisation have a unique set of governance duties, responsibilities and obligations.

We can help you

We work with the responsible persons for organisations across the For Purpose sector.

Our services include:

  • Proactive governance reviews to help you identify gaps and areas for improvement.
  • Responsive governance reviews to meet compliance requirements of regulators.
  • Tailored training for your responsible persons in relation to their key obligations and duties.
  • Updating your governing document, so that it is clear, compliant and supports best practice governance.
  • Developing Governance Charters and codes of conduct to support your processes.
  • Managing internal disputes to preserve relationships and keep you on course.
  • Developing policies that incorporate legislative requirements and are integrated with your governance framework.
  • Tools to support the efficient and effective governance of your organisation.

What you can expect

We understand the boardroom

We’re not just trusted advisors to the responsible persons of For Purpose organisations. We don’t just consult closely and regularly with the not-for-profit and charity sector. Our team regularly serves in governance roles. We understand the unique dynamics of a boardroom and offer practical guidance, not theoretical ideas.

We don’t lose sight of the bigger picture

We know good governance is not an end in itself. Improving governance is ultimately about steering the ship well – avoiding regulatory traps and setting a course towards the fulfillment of your organisation’s unique purpose. Our goal is to help you get there.

You know upfront what you’re paying (and what you’re paying for)

We price all matters upfront with a detailed written proposal tailored to your needs. There is no incentive for us to draw matters out, over service or become adversarial.  We have the same skin in the game as you – to resolve matters practically and quickly wherever possible.

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