Moores have helped organisations ensure the protection and safety of children for over 40 years.

Our team of child safety lawyers work closely with regulators, stakeholders and survivors and complainants to strategically advise clients in a manner that preserves their reputation as a child safe organisation.

We can help you with

Comprehensive support

Child safety does not exist in a vacuum and it often intersects with other considerations such as privacy, governance, compliance and workplace. We work closely with the not-for-profit, workplace and education teams to ensure that we can provide you with comprehensive support.

In doing so, we are able to advise on child safety issues across your organisation such as:

  • Training your staff, volunteers, management and board;
  • Creating a child safety strategy and providing guidance to your board to make strategic decisions such as joining the National Redress Scheme;
  • Helping organisations implement stringent recruitment and screening mechanisms to reduce the risk of child abuse by new and existing personnel; and
  • Assistance on responding to concerns and claims including investigations, crisis management and response, litigation and responding to historical abuse.

National legislative expertise in child safety

We are one of the only firms in Australia that can advise on child safety across all states in Australia. Child safety legislation is complex and varies from state-to-state. We guide national organisations through this complicated legislative landscape to ensure a cohesive approach that is legally compliant.

What you can expect

A trauma-sensitive approach

Child safety is a sensitive topic and at Moores, we understand the need for more than just a strictly legal approach. In our training and prevention work, we acknowledge society’s failings in the past and give organisations the tools to be on the right side of history. Importantly, our child safety lawyers take a supportive and collaborative approach to managing complaints and concerns in a manner to best achieve positive outcomes for the organisation and the survivor.

Most recently we have:

  • assisted organisations through the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Abuse process;
  • worked with regulators such as the Commission for Children and Young People, Victorian Institute of Teachers and the Police in relation to child abuse allegations and investigations;
  • provided education and resources to thousands of individuals regarding child safety and online safety; and
  • partnered with Our Community and the Institute of Community Directors Australia to publish the Child Safety Toolkit, a free resource to help organisations comply with child safety laws in a bid to eradicate child abuse in our society.

Create a child safe organisation, starting now

Moores and Our Community developed this toolkit to help organisations take the first steps towards a child safe culture.

It includes:

  • Practical advice to help organisations across Australia
  • Child-safe volunteer and employee recruitment and screening tips
  • Template policies and code of conduct
  • A checklist to help you get started
Download the toolkit

Frequently asked questions

Can you assist with investigating child safety matters?

Yes, it is one of our areas of expertise. We regularly assist organisations with child safety investigations, including under the Reportable Conduct Scheme.

We are best placed to add value by briefing an independent investigator and acting as your trusted legal advisor regarding your obligations, risks, outcome of the report and recommended actions.

We also assist with liaising with regulators and PR consultants where needed to mitigate your reputational and regulatory risks. For complex matters, we can also assist as the investigators.

Do you assist individuals with child safety matters?

We work with organisations at Moores as part of our corporate advisory team. Individuals who have a child safety matter can seek assistance from our family law if it relates to family law.

Otherwise, we can assist with a referral to a firm that would be better suited to assist you.

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