Edward Hamley is an Associate lawyer in the Property & Construction Team at Moores

Ed works with a wide range of for-purpose organisations, particularly in the social housing sector, assisting with property transactions and management by offering practical advice that clarifies opportunities and risks for those clients and helps them to realise their objectives.

Ed also helps his commercial clients to navigate complex leasing transactions, property acquisitions, and regulatory issues.

Ed‘s experience in retail leasing, housing and tenancy law, and property taxation allows him to demystify technical issues for his clients so that they can focus on the stuff that really matters to them.

Why Moores?

"It’s hard to beat coming into work every day and helping set up a new social housing complex or women’s shelter."


"Ed is an ambitious home cook, and loves to tinker with his favourite recipes in his spare time. Not all his experiments work out, but for Ed that's half the fun..."


  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Monash University
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA), International Relations and Politics