Where most firms charge by time, our approach is different. With Moores Agreed Pricing (MAP) you’ll know our fee before we begin work. No estimates. No ranges. No hourly rates. 

Before we talk to you about price, we will listen carefully to you and ask the right questions to understand your needs and how we can meet them.  If together, we are satisfied that we can move you to where you want to be, we will scope the work and propose a price.  This may involve giving you some options. In other words, the price will be a function of the scope of the work and the value we anticipate creating; not the time we spend on it.

MAP involves four steps:

  1. We scope out your needs
  2. We respond with a clear statement of scope and a price 
  3. If acceptable, we ask  you to sign a formal price agreement
  4. We do what we promised and seek your feedback. 

To find out more about MAP watch our short video and feel free to contact us with any queries by completing the form below.

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Frequently asked questions

Frankly, we’d rather spend time helping you realise your opportunities and solve your problems than filling in time sheets. Plus, uncertainty around fees leads to unhappy clients and unhappy lawyers.

Just like with a building contract we’ll discuss the changes and then agree on a new scope and price.

Most of the time yes, but no-one has a crystal ball. Things change, goal posts shift. Litigation, for example, can be very unpredictable.

However, what we will do is:

  • explain all the possible scenarios and their likely cost
  • agree on a fixed price for each stage
  • guarantee our service.

Certainty - you know the cost upfront.

Simplicity - pre-agreed pricing means no more trawling through complex itemised accounts.

Clarity - you know what we’re going to do, what we’re advising on and our process and timing.

Service Guarantee - we can’t guarantee outcomes but like price, the quality of our service is another thing we can guarantee up front. If you think the quality of our service didn’t match what was agreed, let us know and tell us how you think that should be reflected in the price you pay.

“We didn’t want to be continually receiving invoices for blocks of time or sundry services or wondering if our ‘base’ price would in fact become a ‘base plus’ scenario, where every time we picked up the phone the meter would again start.”

“We were happy that the potential value would more than justify these costs.”

“Just as we had hoped, we continued to see increasing value being squeezed out of the deal, both in financial and non financial terms.”

“Cost is what you pay and value is what you get.”

“When it comes to the Moores brand, the fixed price offering would be something which is completely consistent with my view of your positioning. The disclosure brings a level of trust to the deal and allows everyone to then concentrate on maximising value.”

“I have found dealing with Moores one of the more satisfying professional relationships that I have developed over the last few years. Your commitment to identifying value for your clients has saved me considerable time, money and effort over our professional relationship.

I wanted to thank you especially for this last point, the headaches and stress that were avoided as a result of engaging your services as part of my departure has resulted in me being in a considerably stronger position mentally and emotionally to tackle the next phase of my career - this alone was worth the money that we paid for you services.”