Child Safety at Moores

The lawyers at Moores have helped organisations ensure the protection and safety of children for over 40 years. Most recently we have:

  • assisted organisations through the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Abuse process;
  • worked with Victorian Institute of Teachers and the Police in relation to child abuse allegations and investigations;
  • provided education and resources to thousands of individuals regarding child safety in conjunction with the Commission for Children and Young People; and
  • partnered with Our Community and the Institute of Community Directors Australia to publish the Child Safety Toolkit, a free resource to help organisations comply with the various State-based child safety laws in a bid to eradicate child abuse in our society.

        Our Products and Services

        1. Education: We run training for your board, management, staff, volunteers and contractors. Download our training flyer here for more information.
        2. Strategy: We assist organisations to implement proactive strategies to reduce the risk of child abuse and report concerns as required.
        3. Recruitment: We help organisations implement stringent recruitment and screening mechanisms to reduce the risk of child abuse by new and existing personnel.
        4. Policies and procedures: We draft and implement policies and procedures (including child protection policies, recruitment procedures, codes of conduct etc) to create a culture of child protection and safety.
        5. Investigative Services: We assist clients to appropriately investigate concerns and allegations to minimise risk and harm for all parties involved - we do this by utilising trained investigators that are qualified lawyers and we work closely with the relevant regulatory bodies and the police to ensure that investigation is carried out swiftly, appropriately and in the best interests of all.
        6. Litigation: We assist organisations through threatened or actual litigation and provide support to reduce stress and anxiety through the process.
        7. Redress: We assist organisations to deal with claims of abuse within a framework recommended by the Royal Commission that focuses on redress in the best interests of the survivor and those representing the organisation.

                      Child Safety Team

                      Skye Rose, Principal, Law Institute of Victoria's Government Lawyer of the Year in 2015

                      Skye Rose, Principal,
                      Law Institute of Victoria’s
                      Government Lawyer of the Year in 2015
                      Debbie Sonin, Trainer
                      Debbie Sonin, Trainer/Facilitator

                      ​Download the Child Safety Toolkit by clicking here.


                      Free Resources and Latest News

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                      We are committed to helping organizations work in a way that protects and fosters the development of children in our community.

                      You can download our seminal Child Safety Toolkit. The toolkit sets out practical advice to help organisations across Australia meet their child protection obligations (including new obligations that came into force for most Victorian not-for-profit organisations in 2017), and ensure their environment is a safe place for children.

                      The toolkit has been designed to provide practical advice to help organisations across Australia meet their child protection obligations in every state and territory, child-safe volunteer and employee recruitment and screening tips, template policies and code of conduct, and a checklist to ensure your organisation is meeting its obligations and, if not, knows where to go to get help.

                      By making the toolkit available at no cost to Australian organisations, Moores and Our Community aim to play our part in helping preserve every child’s right to a safe childhood.

                      • By downloading this toolkit and putting in place the strategies, policies and procedures it recommends, organisations will be taking the first invaluable step toward preventing child abuse.

                        It’s vital we, as a community, work together to reduce the number of Australian children experiencing neglect or abuse. We’d like to see these figures reduced to zero.

                        – Moores

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