The COVID-19 Employer Response Pack

COVID-19 has presented significant challenges for organisations across Australia, from pressure to maintain social distancing and encouraging employees to work from home, to uncertainty about government directed shutdowns and their impact on staff and business operations.

To help organisations respond effectively to COVID-19, Moores has developed a COVID-19 Employer Response Pack. Beyond the standard FAQs, our COVID-19 Employer Response Pack aims to ensure that employers know where they stand, their rights and responsibilities, how to support their workers and the risks and opportunities presented by government directed shutdowns, employee exposure to COVID-19, and work from home arrangements.

To keep pace with significant demand for assistance and promote accessible and affordable solutions for organisations, Moores has developed two offerings.

Option 1: Employer Essentials Plus Masterclass

Price: $900 + GST

This package includes:

1. Employer Guide to Preparing your Workplace for COVID-19 plus Employer FAQs

A detailed workplace relations guide with FAQs on your rights and responsibilities in relation to leave entitlements, occupational health and safety, worker’s compensation, discrimination, lawful and reasonable directions, remote working and record keeping. This resource is suitable for state and national organisations and covers a broad spectrum of complex workplace relations issues relevant to COVID-19.

2. A Work from Home Policy, Checklist, and Risk Assessment

The Policy, Checklist and Risk Assessment Tools help employers to:

  • assess the suitability of work from home arrangements
  • set clear expectations for employee conduct and behaviour working remotely
  • understand and manage the risks presented by remote working arrangements

3. COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan

A practical tool to help employers assess and respond to COVID-19 risks, including scenarios such as what to do if a team member has a confirmed case of COVID-19, has a suspected case of COVID-19, or has been in direct contact with a person who has a confirmed case of COVID-19. The Plan also identifies precautionary measures that employers can take to prevent COVID-19 in the workplace.

4. Employee FAQs

The Employee FAQs provide employers with a cheat sheet to commonly asked questions by employees on COVID-19, leave, travel and working from home.

5. Online Masterclass Series

Hosted by lawyers in our Workplace Relations Team, this Masterclass Webinar Series will be carried out over two sessions:

Session 1: In this online recording, you will get an in-depth understanding of what they need to do to prepare for and respond to COVID-19.

Available in the week commencing 23 March 2020.

Session 2: This webinar will answer your burning questions on preventing and responding to COVID-19, and how employers can manage the legal, operational, cultural and reputational risks of their COVID-19 response. Subscribers will be
invited to submit questions in advance.

Available in the week commencing 30 March 2020.

Option 2: COVID-19 Employer Essentials

Price: $650 plus GST

This package includes:

1. Employer Guide to Preparing your Workplace for COVID-19 plus Employer FAQs

2. A Work from Home Policy, Checklist, and Risk Assessment

3. COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan

4. Employee FAQs

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​Complimentary Pandemic Policy Template

In March 2020, Moores in partnership with Our Community launched a free Epidemic/Pandemic Policy template. This Policy has been downloaded over 4,000 times, resulting in a pro bono contribution of $8m to the not-for-profit sector.

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