​‘Helping good grow’ pays tribute to some of the inspirational clients with whom Moores worked in 2019, the exceptional legal team that supported them, the positive impact created and its contribution to our legacy as Australia’s leading purpose aligned law firm.

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  • ‘From our earliest engagement with Moores, we developed a relationship of trust and confidence.

    The practice leaders are experts in their field, but more importantly, they are passionate about child safety and enabling schools to develop the appropriate skills and processes to demonstrate their values and articulated commitment to children and young people.’

    – Cathy Greenley, Director of Governance and Strategic Engagement at EREA

  • ‘There really are no words that carry enough weight to express our thanks for all your expertise, the thought and care that went into preparation for the trial.

    You did your job, but you did so much more at such a traumatic time in our lives.

    You will always be part of our family’s history and such an important figure in our lives from this day on.’

    – Family Law client

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