In case you missed it: changes to the Educational Services (Teachers) Award 2020

Changes to the classifications, pay and allowances under the Educational Services (Teachers) Award 2020 (Award) came into effect from the first full pay period on or after 1 January 2022.

The key changes to the Award are:

  1. New classification structure
  2. Pay rates
  3. Changes to allowances

New classification structure

A new classification structure has been introduced reducing the current 12 levels to 5 levels. The classifications are based on the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and are tied to registration.

The new classifications are:

Level 1Graduate teacher and all other teachers (as defined) including those holding provisional or conditional accreditation /registration
Level 2Teacher with proficient accreditation/registration or equivalent
Level 3Teacher with proficient accreditation/registration or equivalent after 3 years’ satisfactory teaching service at Level 2
Level 4Teacher with proficient accreditation/registration or equivalent after 3 years’ satisfactory teaching service at Level 3
Level 5Teacher with Highly Accomplished / Lead Teacher accreditation / registration or equivalent

The Award sets out the arrangements to transition current employees into the new structure in Schedule H. The Schedule specifically provides the following translations (unless the classification above would result in a higher classification for the employee):

Classification prior to 1 January 2022Classification on and from 1 January 2022
Level 5Level 2
Level 6Level 2
Level 7Level 2
Level 8Level 3
Level 9Level 3
Level 10Level 3
Level 11Level 4
Level 12Level 4

Pay rates

The minimum pay rates increased in January 2022 and are set out in Schedule B to the Award.

Changes to allowances

The leadership allowance for teachers in schools and the director’s allowance for childcare centre directors was increased. There is no transition period to the new allowances.

So, what do I need to do?

  • Check if your staff are affected by the new classifications and transition them to the new arrangements.
  • Update payroll system changes required for the pay rates and allowance changes.
  • Communicate any change required to employees.

How Moores can help

Transitioning staff to the new classification system might not be smooth sailing. We can set you on the right path if you experience a few bumps in the road with identifying the correct classification or your employee disputes their new classification.

It is always better to be on the front foot if you identify a potential misalignment with the Award. Get in touch with the workplace relations team at Moores if you need support and advice.

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