Webinar Recording | Risk Management for Faith-Based Organisations

How well does your faith-based organisation manage risk?

Managing risk is a board responsibility which can often be neglected to other, more pressing matters. However, failure to properly manage risk can lead to unforeseen serious consequences down the track.

This session will provide practical guidance on ensuring your governance frameworks are up to the task, including:

  • Governance and risk – understanding the inherent dynamic
  • The right governance frameworks – not a one size fits all approach
  • Best practice guidance on risk management checklists
  • Strategies to prioritise risk
  • Board composition to best deal with risk
  • Gaining the right mix of expertise for faith-based organisations
  • The role of the constitution in governance and risk management
  • Purpose as the guiding light: ensuring alignment between organisational objectives and operations

Webinar Recording Details

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  • Date Recorded

    Wednesday 1st May 2024

  • Duration

    60 minutes

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