Wage compliance – how do you know if you have a problem?

Large underpayments by a range of employers have been made very public in recent years. Some of this publicity has come through investigation, and some through self-reporting. Either way, many of these underpayments are because of inadvertent, or unintentional breaches.

If you’re an employer, regardless of sector, industry or size, you have legal obligations to your employees. You may even get the first part right – identifying the applicable industrial instrument and comply with the wage obligations it contains. However, you have ongoing obligations to make sure you guard against non-compliance.

Have you thought about the controls, processes and systems you use and whether they are fit for purpose?

At our webinar, join Workplace Relations Practice Leader, Amanda Junkeer, and find out more about the ongoing employment obligations you owe to your employees and how to minimise non-compliance. We will discuss the emergence of wage theft legislation which criminalises some wage theft offences and what your organisation can do to improve its controls, processes and systems to embed ongoing compliance.

You can also find out more about complying with historical enterprise agreements and how they interact with awards to ensure you are getting it right.

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    Tuesday 16th November 2021

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    60 minutes

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