Webinar Recording – Child Safety: Identifying and overcoming child safety blind spots.

In a rapidly changing area of law like child safety, there are inherent risks with taking a “set and forget” approach to compliance.

Without awareness of key developments in child safety, it can be easy to develop child safety blind spots.

Drawing from recent reforms, data, commentary and cases, this session will:

• explore some common child safety blind spots in governance, policies, human resource practices, reporting, risk management and empowering children; and
• provide practical tips to address those gaps.

In this session we will also hear from our special guest, Claire Rogers, Director of OHO, on strategies to close the window of risk associated with screening and monitoring workers.

The session will help you identify if your organisation has any child safety blind spots and how you can address them.

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  • Date Recorded

    Thursday 2nd September 2021

  • Duration

    60 minutes

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