Webinar Recording – Workplace Relations: Is casual employment worth it anymore?

2020 saw significant developments in the law around casual employment. In 2021, it is very likely that Workpac v Rossato will be considered by the High Court; we will also see heated debate on proposed reforms to address uncertainty around casuals in the wake of the Workpac decision.

Should employers wait and see how the saga develops, or tackle it proactively?

Join our workplace relations experts in this free webinar recording on the changing landscape of casual employment, including:

  • When is casual employment fit for purpose?
  • The issue before our High Court – the third and final instalment of Workpac v Rossato
  • Tips and strategies for dealing with retrospective entitlement claims
  • Casual employment in a post IR-Omnibus Bill world – what it means for you

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    Tuesday 16th March 2021

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    60 minutes

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