Family Law

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Seeing a family lawyer is always challenging, it is an emotional time and you need someone to listen and use their experience to help.

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Family Law focused on Family

One of our goals really is to help you get on with your life. To do that, we need to do more than just achieve what you say you want, we need to focus on the welfare of the whole family. We endeavour to show respect for everyone in the family, and to encourage, where it is realistic and safe, everyone to maintain ongoing relationships for the sake of the children, parents and grandparents.

What you Need

We are focused on what you need and listen carefully to understand your underlying interests, short and long term. If you need

  • relief and certainty
  • fearless and compassionate realism
  • reality testing so you seek the achievable
  • truly expert advice
  • prompt responses
  • certainty of costs, and importantly
  • protection

we can provide you with those.

What we do

At Moores we focus on reducing pain and de-escalating conflict to help you move on. We act with you rather than just for you. To do this we have some creative processes to make it gentler and quicker,


  • Collaborative Law
  • Mediation
  • Round table conferences

All of which can help avoid having to go to court.

Unlike many other family lawyers, at Moores we prepare continuing relationship binding financial agreements if you are commencing (pre-nuptial agreements) or continuing in a relationship (cohabitation agreements). We share in that risk with you over the course of your relationship – so you are not on your own.

We give you advice about everything you need to know when you separate. This includes all financial, parenting, family violence, maintenance or child support questions.

We know the answers to a host of family law questions, including about tax and business affairs and how to best protect your children when required. We also know how to run cases in Court. However, we prefer creative negotiated settlements and we know you will prefer that too.

Our Team

Moores have a great team, both inside and outside the firm. Whatever advice you need we provide it and the other experts in our firm complete our family law services. They look after wills, property, business advice, tax and estate planning. We also work with other experts, including psychologists and valuers, if necessary.

At Moores we work closely, respectfully and well with other lawyers so we can help achieve a calmer, faster, better outcome for the whole family.


  • Divorce
  • Parenting and children's issues
  • BFA's and pre-nuptial agreements
  • Collaboration & mediation
  • Family law property disputes
  • Maintenance & child support
  • Property & tax