Moores is delighted to Partner with Future Living to help families secure a future for children with a disability.

To assist families with planning and support beyond their estate plans, Moores has partnered with Future Living, an organisation dedicated to helping parents plan for the future of their child with a developmental disability. They understand the challenges parents face in planning for their child’s long-term future and offer a unique range of disability planning advice and support in direct response to the question ‘Who will be there when we are not?”

Future Living have developed the Safe & Secure online resource where you can learn how to take the steps that will safeguard your child’s future. Click on the following link to access the resource and learn how to build a roadmap to protect your child’s long-term future from the comfort of your own home. With unlimited access, this online resource is filled with practical, relevant information from disability professionals, including Moores’ expert estate lawyers.

You can also visit our Vulnerable Beneficiaries page for more information.