Year in review: Our checklist of top themes from 2023

The school year is coming to a close. Many students are already on summer holidays. We are certain teachers are looking forward to the holidays as well. Before you depart, we have some recommendations for our school clients to consider in your planning for priorities in 2024.

The governance angle

  • Have policies been reviewed and approved this year, if required?
  • Has reporting to the Board been finalised?
  • Board skills review – who do you have? What are their skills? Are there cliques and cronies? Are members fit and proper? Do you need a board skills review?
  • Constitution – check director terms limits, and how a director can be removed (you will be surprised!)
  • External audit process – do you have a process for rigorous and regular external board evaluation and the ability to implement recommendations?
  • Workforce restructuring in the face of increasing costs and the payroll tax

Child safety

  • Have your staff, board and volunteers received their required annual training?
  • Have you empowered your students to understand their rights to safety over the summer holidays, for example, regarding risks of grooming?
  • What mechanisms have been put in place to address online safety and bullying between students?
  • Have recruitment processes for 2024 followed the child safety policy and met Ministerial Order 1359?
  • Are your inclusion practices intersectional? For example, how do your child safety practices support students with disability? What about inclusion of students and staff of different faiths?  


  • Have offers been made and accepted for 2024?
  • What do these offer and acceptance forms say regarding the enrolment agreement? Is it a binding contract?
  • Have you considered recent legal changes in this space; Brindabella and ACL amendments?
  • Have your made enquiries and considered what reasonable adjustments and resources you will need for new students?

Your school grounds and facilities

  • Will works be done on the school  premises over the holidays?
  • What processes are in place regarding working with children checks for school building projects?
  • What access will children have to the school premises over the holidays? Can school premises be accessed by the public?
  • Will you be hiring your facilities over the school holidays? What do your arrangements with hirers require of them and are you adequately covered?

How we can help

Our Education team can help with any of the above recommendations to help your prepare for the summer holidays and the 2024 school year.

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Disclaimer: This article provides general information only and is not intended to constitute legal advice. You should seek legal advice regarding the application of the law to you or your organisation.