Moores Not-for-Profit team are a group of dedicated individuals who have extensive knowledge of their particular fields of expertise and are committed to providing quality advice and service to not-for-profit organisations.

Not-for-Profit Assist

In partnership with Our Community, Moores is offering members of the not-for-profit sector the opportunity to obtain expert legal advice via the Not-for-Profit Assist legal membership service.

Membership of Not-for-Profit Assist gives you direct access to the expertise of lawyers who have extensive knowledge of the not-for-profit sector and are committed to providing relevant, targeted and practical advice and service.

Members can also choose from three membership levels (silver, gold and platinum), and may opt for a membership period that suits your own needs.

We offer three, six or 12-month packages. You can also opt in to access our 24/7 hotline service for those particularly turbulent times.

For more information on membership inclusions click here


Call us direct on our NFP Assist line (03) 9843 2119 or complete the expression of interest form by clicking here and a member of Moores will be in touch to discuss your application and answer any queries you have.


Recruiting for Your Not-for-Profit

A recruiting guide dedicated to not-for-profits. This book highlights the importance of taking a strategic, structured approach to recruitment, and walks readers through the process step by step. Co-written with Our Community, Moores’ lawyers have detailed best-practice recruitment to avoid pitfalls such as discrimination claims.

The book is available for sale at $36 including GST and shipping within Australia. Visit the Our Community website to place your order click here.

Legal Areas Covered:

  • Human resources and employment
  • Board governance, compliance & risk management
  • Tax
  • Property & construction
  • Agreements
  • Bequests






        Child Safety

        Children must be afforded with safe environments when under the care of any organisation. Safe environments arise when organisations pro-actively review, assess and invest in those elements that afford children with the highest protection. The lawyers at Moores have helped organisations deal with child safety issues for over 40 years. We can help you with Education | Strategy | Recruitment | Policies & procedures | Investigative services | Litigation | Workplace Relations | Family Law

        To connect with Moores Child Safety Team and to download the FREE Child Safety Toolkit for Organisations visit our Child Safety Page here


        Free Resources and Latest News

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        • There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children. 

          – Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa


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