Webinar Recording – Privacy and Data Breaches in Schools: What can Schools do to protect themselves?

Schools are responsible for holding an array of information about students, parents and staff safe and secure. But is your school equipped to prevent and respond to a cyber attack?

As we’ve been focussed on COVID-19 this year, there has been a significant increase in schools being targets for ransomware and hacking attacks and experiencing data breaches due to mass movement to remote learning as well as human error.

In this webinar recording, Moores education and privacy experts Cecelia Irvine-So and Joni Burns will get to the heart of the matter, covering:

  • Privacy law obligations;
  • Conducting an investigation if there is a suspected breach; and
  • How and when to report to the regulator.

Joining Moores will be ex-detective and privacy resilience expert Chris Watson, who will share the latest on:

  • Current state of the landscape, common failures and emerging risks;
  • Ensuring you’re educated and realistic about being a target, and being up to date;
  • The importance of testing/auditing.

In this webinar recording, we discuss the latest case studies and share our knowledge and tips to ensure your school is privacy and cyber compliant.

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    60 minutes

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