Webinar Recording – Balancing compliance, cost and flexibility | Are the sands shifting for independent contractors?

It’s the old chestnut for HR practitioners and lawyers alike. Should a new joiner be engaged as a contractor or as an employee?

The transition to remote work throughout 2020 has seen many organisations leverage preferences for flexibility by offering “on-line” or “digital only” roles to individual consultants, seemingly as contractors and not employees. However, advancements in technology and the new COVID-Normal are influencing how Courts and the Fair Work Commission are assessing the distinction between employees and contractors.

Join our expert workplace relations team in this webinar recording, as we bring you up to date with the latest thinking, developments and recent cases in this area (such as those involving Deliveroo and Uber). We will look at whether the goal posts are shifting towards employment.

Now is the time to revisit the risks of sham contracting, back-payment claims, and consider whether part-time, fixed term or casual employment are better alternatives to engaging someone as a contractor.

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    Tuesday 22nd June 2021

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    60 minutes

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