New Ministerial Order 1359: Child Safe Standards for Schools

On 1 July 2022, a new Ministerial Order 1359 (MO 1359) will come into effect in Victoria, replacing Ministerial Order 870.

All schools need to be compliant with the new Order as a condition of ongoing school registration.

The new MO 1359 contains new requirements which have not been required before (such as new record keeping standards) and expands the requirements in familiar areas (such as staff training).

MO 1359 contains many elements which directly implement findings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, including:

  • empowerment of children and young people;
  • supporting and encouraging cultural rights for Aboriginal students, children and young people; and
  • upholding equity and being equipped to respect diversity and respond to the needs of all students, including students with disability, from CALD backgrounds and LGBTIQ+ students.

Join Practice Leader Cecelia Irvine-So and Lawyer Grace Appleford as they step through the new requirements of MO 1359 in a practical and informative way.

Feel equipped to go back to your school following the session with a clear plan for implementing these critical new standards. And, of course, ensure that your school embeds child safety and wellbeing as its top priority.

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    Thursday 19th May 2022

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    60 minutes

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