Education and Early Childhood

Moores provides our education and early childhood clients practical solutions developed through our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the unique complexities of the education sector.

The strength of our expertise and knowledge is demonstrated through the ongoing relationships we have with our clients in:

  • Independent;
  • Catholic;
  • education management;
  • early childhood; and
  • school systems and governance bodies. 

We draw on our experiences on school boards and as advisors to ensure our advice is practical and strategic.

Moores is a preferred provider of legal content and training to a number of key industry bodies as well as schools and school systems.

Moores advice and training (including to education bodies and during schools and staff PD days) is consistently well regarded as topical, practical, engaging and informative.

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We provide services including:

Workplace Relations

Advice on human resources related issues with expertise in litigation, discrimination and industrial relations.  We understand the education sectors nuances and the people (and unions) that you deal with on a regular basis.


We lead the way in the development of best practice enrolment systems and documentation, including for school systems across Australia.  Our enrolment documents assist our clients in schools and school systems to implement integrated contracts and procedures which bring about better, enforceable outcomes with respect to:

  • Avoiding discrimination and failure to educate claims;
  • fee collection, including in relation to scholarships;
  • compliance with regulatory requirements; and
  • parent management.

Where our clients experience challenging interactions with parents, we support our clients to resolve these in a way which ultimately benefits the client but respects the school’s ethos and the importance of relationships in education communities.

Compliance & Interactions with Regulators

We provide practical and user-friendly guidance on regulator requirements (including ACNC, ATO, VRQA, NESA, Department of Education, CECV) for boards, management and compliance staff.  We also manage risk and support our clients to ensure structures, including charitable foundations and funds, are compliant and up-to-date with current requirements.  

  • Governance assistance that gives knowledge and skills to your board and managers, not just rules or policies.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Board development.
  • Risk management.
  • Legal compliance.
  • Determination and statement of mission, vision and values.
  • Directors’ duties and liabilities

Where an education body experiences a non-compliance, we are also experienced in supporting our clients to navigate Departmental investigations and position themselves for superior outcomes, including the implementation of changes required to policies and systems.


We understand the breadth of privacy issues in a school, including those applying to student information, confidentiality of student records (including visits to schools nurses and counselors), parent information, use of photographs, alumni and fundraising lists and the complexities of information flow in separated and blended families.

We implement privacy policies , procedures and systems.

If education bodies experience a data breach, we assist in containing damage and managing legal reporting requirements. Of course, a popular mainstay of our privacy work is the board and staff training, which assists many of our clients to avoid privacy breaches in the first place.

Child Safety

We have a comprehensive Child Safety program for schools.  We help schools with preventative measure including policies, procedures and child safety training for boards, staff and teenagers.  We also advise on dealing with allegations of child abuse and misconduct.

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Family Law

Understanding that parents separate from time to time, we assist schools to manage the complications that can arise when separation occurs:

  • Providing training in family law legislation and orders
  • Advising on enrolment procedures to protect the school if separation occurs
  • Family violence and Intervention orders assistance.


  • Project planning and documentation:  working with our clients to identifying their procurement priorities and recommending the most appropriate procurement approach to deliver projects as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Drafting and negotiating construction, supply, maintenance and other commercial agreements ensuring they are easy to understand and administer.
  • Project management: helping clients deliver their projects on time, on budget and without costly and time wasting disputes.


  • Acquisition sales & leases: we help you negotiate and transact on leasehold and freehold facilities or development sites, including handling structuring, taxation, GST, duty and where relevant, duty and taxation exemptions.
  • Development: we can help to negotiate and manage property development agreements, option agreements, joint use agreements and agreements for lease, including dealing with fiancé and security, risk management and interaction with industry specific legislations.
  • Due diligence: we assist you to assess opportunities, identify issues and frame an appropriate offer or tender when opportunities arise.

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  • Independent and Catholic schools;
  • School systems and governance bodies;
  • Early childhood providers;
  • Early years management and cluster management bodies
  • Out of School Hours providers;
  • Faith based schools; and
  • Education industry bodies and professional associations.