A Good News Story – Leading the Education sector

Last year, Moores’ Education Team assisted a school in New South Wales which was required by the NSW regulator to meet all the requirements of a compliance agreement, or face losing funding. We worked closely with the School to navigate requirements but also preserve the School’s heart and soul in the process.

The School was advised this week that all conditions have now been met, and it was noted that the School had demonstrated exemplary compliance and undertaken appropriate rectification measures.

The Department noted that the School’s efforts were “commendable”.

As leading education lawyers we support clients to be fully compliant, while simplifying complexity and ensuring schools’ unique value propositions are preserved in the process.

Schools face a challenging exercise in keeping up to date with all requirements. But we’re here to help.

With deep expertise in regulatory compliance, governance and child safety, Moores is here to assist schools prepare for upcoming audits and ensure maximum compliance in all elements of the Minimum Standards and other key regulatory requirements.

How we can help

If you require assistance to prepare for your next regulatory audit, please do not hesitate to contact us.