What is Privacy Law?

Privacy Law is the body of legislation and case law which regulates the handling of ‘personal information’. This includes the collection, use, disclosure, storage, destruction, and de-identification of ‘personal information’.

Moores’ Free Privacy Guide

This free downloadable privacy guide will help your organisation with:

  • Legislation - who must comply with Privacy Act and what is covered
  • Compliance - having a compliant Privacy Policy, key inclusions, managing content and consequences of Non Compliance
  • Understanding the Australian Privacy Principles (APP)
  • Responding to data breaches
  • Understanding the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); obligations, penalties and impact on Australia’s privacy regulatory environment
  • State based legislation and schemes
  • Next steps

    Moores’ Free Privacy Guide


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    Moores’ Privacy Team

    Our privacy team has worked with a large number of corporates and Not-For-Profits regarding their privacy compliance including:

    1. Policy and compliance;
    2. Assisting with responding to privacy breaches or suspected breaches;
    3. Privacy audits and compliance reports;
    4. Developing data breach response plans;
    5. Privacy framework design; and
    6. Training boards and staff

    If you need any assistance with Privacy practices for your organization, please do not hesitate to call.

    Cecelia Irvine-So, Practice Leader
    03 9843 2100 cirvine-so@moores.com.au
    Tessa van Duyn, Practice Leader
    03 9843 2100 tvanduyn@moores.com.au

    • Moores assists clients to create workable and compliant privacy frameworks, including privacy training for staff. We can advise on any privacy breaches or data breaches, in the event these do occur.

      We ensure 3 levels of compliance are achieved – not just legal compliance with the act, but also operational compliance and – importantly –strategic, so clients can use their data in the way they want strategically.

      – Cecelia Irvine-So, Moores

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