Are you seeking advice on how to challenge or defend a Will or Estate?

  • Have you been left out of a Will?
  • Not received what you expected or have concerns about whether a Will is valid?
  • Are you an executor of a Will that is being challenged or a beneficiary under a will and haven’t received your entitlement?

Moores’ Wills and Estate lawyers are the recognised leaders in this field.

With one of the largest Wills and Estates team in Australia, and the most Accredited Specialists in Wills & Estates, our lawyers have vast experience in assisting clients to navigate the complexities of estate disputes, all at an agreed price.



DOYLES RANKINGS - The most comprehensive guide to Australia’s best lawyers, law firms and barristers. In Victoria in 2018 Moores was the only firm to be ranked as First Tier Law Firm in both categories for Wills and Estates in Victoria. Our lawyers also ranked as leading lawyers in the following categories:

Lachlan McKenzie

Leading Wills & Estates Litigation Lawyer - Victoria

Recommended Wills & Estate Litigation Lawyer - Australia

Recommended Wills, Estate & Succession Planning Lawyer - Victoria

Luke Haley

Wills, Estates & Succession Planning Rising Star - Australia

Jennifer Dixon

Preeminent Wills & Estates Litigation Lawyer - Victoria

Leading Wills & Estates Litigation Lawyer - Australia

Preeminent Wills, Estates & Succession Planning Lawyer - Victoria

Preeminent Wills, Estates & Succession Planning Lawyer - Australia

How we have helped our clients:

We can assist in all areas relating to Wills and Estates. Our recent disputes work includes:

  1. Bringing or defending claims for further provision;
  2. Proving that a will was not valid, due to the willmaker not having testamentary capacity;
  3. Removing an executor who was not acting in the best interest of an estate;
  4. Obtaining financial documents relating to the estate and forcing the executor to distribute the estate;
  5. Applying for a will to be authorized by the court for a willmaker whilst they were still alive, but incapacitated;
  6. Disputes relating to family trusts and superannuation entitlements.
  7. Estate administration and probate services.

Are your circumstances different to the above? Not a problem. Make a booking for an obligation free upfront consultation to discuss your situation and how we might be able to assist you.

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Lachlan McKenzie, Practice Leader
Accredited Specialist Wills and Estates (Vic)
Michael Labiris, Accredited Specialist XXX, XXXX
Michael Labiris, Senior Lawyer
Accredited Specialist Wills and Estates (VIC)

Luke Haley, Accredited Specialist XXX, XXXX

Luke Haley, Senior Lawyer
Accredited Specialist Wills and Estates (VIC)

Jennifer Dixon, Practice Leader
Accredited Specialist Wills and Estates (VIC)
SMSF Specialist Advisor TM

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Moores Agreed Pricing (MAP) involves four steps:

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  2. We respond with a clear statement of scope and price
  3. If acceptable, we ask you to sign a formal price agreement
  4. We do what we promised as see your feedback

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  • I know I have said it many times but I will say it again because I will be forever grateful for your work and professionalism with this matter.

    You have been a pleasure to work with. I felt very supported and comfortable at all times, which was a big thing at that point in my life. So thank you and good luck for the future.

  • Moores’ commitment to my case was phenomenal. The result was far better than I ever imagined and the process was made easy by your dedication to my case.

    I will have no hesitation in recommending Moores and have done so on many occasions since.

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