Social Housing

We love our work with social housing clients. The support our experienced team provides to this essential sector includes:

Funding: We have a real specialisation with funding agreements. We regularly advise our social housing clients on the terms of funding agreements and assists in their negotiation. This includes funding from the Victorian Property Fund, the Social Housing Growth Fund and a range of other funding sources.

Development: We advise clients through the life-cycle of their property developments. From helping clients decide what to do with their land (To sell or develop? If develop, with whom and what?) through to documenting and completion (development agreements, development management agreements, agreements for lease, etc). We are particularly proud of our work on ‘mixed occupancy developments’, which have a combination of commercial, freehold, leasehold, SDA, affordable housing and social housing occupancies.

Acquisition, sales and leases: We do more than just ‘conveyancing’. We help clients negotiate and transact on leasehold and freehold sites and facilities, including handling structuring, taxation, GST, duty and (where relevant) duty and taxation exemptions. We work with our clients to reduce unnecessary risks and expenses, and draw on our expertise in the social housing and charity sectors to help them achieve better outcomes.

Workplace relations: We provide advice on human resources related issues, with expertise in litigation, discrimination and industrial relations. We understand the social housing sector’s nuances and people.

Construction: We assist clients select the best procurement approach for their building and construction projects and draft and negotiate construction, supply, maintenance, consultancy and associated contracts. Our contracts are easy to understand and administer and reflect our client’s priorities, objectives and the environment they are operating in.

Operations: We assist our social housing clients with the day to day operations of their dwellings and business. We prepare facilities maintenance agreements and other service agreements with consultants and other service providers. We help deal with recalcitrant residents, including providing support in VCAT. We provide advice to help navigate compliance issues.

Disputes: We prefer to get involved before our clients might otherwise head off to court. Through proactive and pragmatic project management assistance, and a considered analysis of all options available, our objective is to assist clients to deliver their projects on time, on budget and without costly formal disputes. However, sometimes formal disputes happen. When they do, we focus on our clients’ commercial needs and the bigger picture to resolve those disputes efficiently and fairly.