Photo of Michael Labiris

Michael Labiris

What do Italian cooking, Karaoke, and playing golf have in common? Possibly very little, unless you are Michael Labiris.

In addition to his proficiency with a 9-iron, Michael is an Accredited Specialist in Wills & Estates and Senior Lawyer at Moores. He is passionate about helping clients resolve disputes quickly and cost-effectively, working across a wide range of contested estate and family trust matters. He also practices extensively in estate planning, structuring and probate.

Michael’s knack of finding creative solutions, his ability to deal with complexity and his sensitive yet pragmatic approach endear Michael to his clients. Michael is outcome focused and quietly celebrates the advancement of his client’s interests with a tap of his golf cap…or a dance move on the Karaoke stage when he scores a big win in a litigious matter.