Photo of Emmalaura Messer

Emmalaura Messer

Senior lawyer Emmalaura Messer practices exclusively in family law. Whether the matter involves divorce, child support, spousal maintenance, intervention orders, superannuation splitting or any other aspect of family law, Emmalaura uses plain language to demystify the legal system. “I like my clients to be informed and in control of the process,” she says. “I give clients as much information as I can and guide them to help them make the best decisions they can.”

Emmalaura is equally passionate about volunteering, both as a lawyer and in other capacities. “I’ve volunteered at the Women’s Legal Service for more than five years now,” she says. “They help a lot of women who are disadvantaged or victims of violence. Family law is they bulk of what they do and they’re always in need of family lawyers. It’s good to be able to give back. And it’s great to be able to train and mentor the newer lawyers.”